GRIP: Combat Racing Launches On PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch For $39.99
GRIP Combat Racing

Caged Element and Wired Productions’ GRIP: Combat Racing may have failed its Kickstarter run, but the futuristic racing game gravity defying tracks and a hardcore industrial EDM soundtrack managed to force its way through Early Access on Steam and complete its development cycle for a full-on launch on home consoles and PC.

The game graduated from Early Access today on Steam for PC, and also launched across the digital distribution storefronts for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch. So yes, if you feel like playing while you take a booty-duty detour through brownsville territory, you can do so, but only on the Switch… or if you have a pretty decent laptop.

The launch of GRIP was accompanied by a launch trailer, which you can check out below in order to get an idea of what the hardcore arcade-racer is all about.

It’s like 1999 all over again.

The game is very similar other classic futuristic games such as Megarace, Recoil, Extreme G, and Forsaken, all jammed in together to make up GRIP.

The real highlight is that you can utilize the bilateral vehicle physics to flip, flop, twist, and turn to match the multi-directional race tracks that bend, curve, and wrap around a variety of environments set across the futuristic wastelands of four different planets.

You’ll get to race across 22 different tracks at up to 767mph. If you can’t handle the need for such high speeds, there are some power-ups that you can collect as well, nine in total that will help you out during a race that range from shields and missiles to missiles and turbo boosts.

The game also comes packed in with five different battle arenas for those of you who want to test your combat racing skills in PvP modes.

And speaking of PvP… GRIP: Combat Racing sports online multiplayer and offline split-screen racing, too.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, or Xbox One right now for $39.99.


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