Hitman 2 Launch Trailer Teases Us With Story Potential The Movies Will Never Have
Hitman 2 Sean Bean

IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Entertainment released the new launch trailer for Hitman 2 featuring Sean Bean. The trailer is only a minute long, but it’s feature-rich with a quick rundown of the content you can expect to experience within the upcoming release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The launch trailer is follow-up to the previous trailer featuring Sean Bean as an ex-MI5 agent who decided to make a living as an assassin. The hook for Bean’s character is that every time he assassinates someone he fakes his own death, so authorities always assume the killer dies with the victim.

To prevent any further humiliation to MI5, the ICA is called in to eliminate the problem and wipe Bean off the face of the map. Cue Agent 47 coming in to clean up the job.

It’s a setup for a movie that will never happen, but the potential is so ripe for exploitation. 47 as the ingenuous killer hunting and tracking down Bean’s assassin while using disguises to gather information and intel while silently assassinating anyone who gets in his way would make for an awesome espionage-thriller. But alas, a game-based movie that’s actually good is too much to ask for these days, so we just have to settle for Sean Bean’s awesome appearance in the promotional trailers for Hitman 2.

The trailer highlights a variety of different costumes and gadgets that players will be able to exploit in Hitman 2, from fried salmon to rubber ducks, and plenty of other deadly (and seemingly innocuous) objects in between.

The trailer rounds out with Bean talking about improvisation and adaption in a world where nearly anything can be turned into a deadly instrument, which comes back to bite his taste buds after 47 poisons his drink.

You can look for Hitman 2 to launch on November 13th for the Xbox One, PS4, and on Steam for PC. The Elusive Target mission featuring Sean Bean will only be available for two weeks starting November 20th, 2018 just a week after the game launches.


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