Hollow, First-Person Sci-Fi Horror Game Heads To Nintendo Switch In December
Hollow Nintendo Switch

A new horror game is set to release next month exclusively for the Nintendo Switch from Forever Entertainment and Rainy Frog Software. The game sees players in the role of a guy trapped on a space station where some horrific and grotesque circumstances begin to emerge and players must discover what’s going on.

According to Game.ne.jp, the sci-fi game takes place on a mining ship out in the middle of space where the player-character wakes up with amnesia. Like most horror games the first part of Hollow centers around exploring the ship and discovering where you are and what’s going on. However, just as things begin to become clearer, the monsters begin to appear.

Thanks to Rainy Frog making use of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, the game is capable of taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s hardware, enabling them to take advantage of the mobile hardware.

The biggest issue isn’t when the system is docked, but when it’s undocked, given that it loses more than half its GPU power due to the down-clocking. It’s fairly amazing that they managed to make the game look as good as it does on the Switch.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the gameplay or what the combat is like, but it appears to be like a first-person version of Dead Space from the now defunct Visceral Games. It’s noted in the Game article that weapons are scarce and ammo is even more scarce, forcing players to have to think fast and think smart before shooting first and thinking later.

We get a hint of some of the creatures that appear in Hollow, many of which look very similar to the nightmare ghouls from The Suffering, but the trailer is more about building atmosphere rather than giving everything away.

You can look to get in on the sci-fi horror action when Hollow launches on the Nintendo Switch this December. The best part about it is that anyone can purchase a digital copy of the game no matter where they are in the world thanks to the Nintendo eShop offering region-free versions of the game for the Switch.


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