Horizon Chase Turbo Heads To Nintendo Switch, Xbox One November 28th
Horizon Chase Turbo

Aquiris Game Studio announced that their retro-racer that released on PC and PS4 back in May of 2018 will make its debut on the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One starting November 28th at the end of the month.

Horizon Chase Turbo is a throwback to the classic 16-bit racing games that used to be oh-so-popular on the SNES and Sega Genesis, such as Top Gear Rally, Outrun and Lotus Turbo Challenge. Back then it was about experiencing the thrill of high speed sports cars while taking dangerously sharp turns at fatally high speeds. There was the combination of upbeat music and unparalleled visuals that highlighted the bright, frantic pace of racing under the heat of the sun against opponents that craved the need for speed.

Acquiris Game Studio wants gamers to rekindle that level of nostalgia, but with all of the amenities of today’s home console technology, including HD graphics, 60 frames per second, and four-player split-screen gameplay. That’s right, four-player split-screen gameplay is back, baby, and it’s calling your name.

You can see what Horizon Chase Turbo looks like in action with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch gameplay trailer below.

If that got you all geeked up, then you might also like to know that the contemporary arcade music featured in the game is composed by none other than the legendary 16-bit maestro himself, Barry Leitch, the same brilliant mind behind the catchy tunes that helped shape the retro memories of classic racing titles such as San Francisco Rush, Top Gear and the Lotus series.

What’s more is that Nintendo Switch and Xbox One gamers will receive a brand new mode that wasn’t featured in the PC and PS4 release, namely the new Playground mode, which consists of live challenges that are updated on a regular basis. Players will need to complete the challenges in hopes of making it to the top of the leaderboard charts.

The core game features four different game modes, including World Tour, Playground, Tournament, and Endurance. There are 12 different cups to chase, 48 cities to race through, 109 tracks to conquer, 32 cars to unlock, and more than 12 upgrades to apply to your ride.

You can look for Horizon Chase Turbo to launch at the end of the month for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, or you can pick up a copy for the game on PC right now. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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