Hunt: Showdown’s 3.0 Lawson Delta Update Features A Prison, Train Station, Post-Civil War Forts

Hunt Shodown - Prison

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown continues to be updated with new content, new hunters, new weapons, and new additions to the maps. Crytek has been gathering feedback specifically for building out the new Lawson Delta map to not only add interesting places to visit, but also to keep the tension intact for PvP and PvE encounters.

The new map sports a variety of historically inspired locations, including an old brick prison that’s accompanied by a fort, which happens to be a relic from the Civil War. The new map also features a train track that stretches across the map and connects to a train station. There are also a few small and large rivers that run through the map that pour out into the ocean that borders the northern region of the map.

One neat little trick to the cartographic philosophy of the map is that the environmental designers decided to make it where the fort and the prison are not impenetrable. Typically a fort or prison would be inaccessible, but the team had to create entryways and exit points for both areas so that players couldn’t hole up in the giant concrete structures and camp their way to victory.

The map also plays up a lot of 19th and early 20th century American history. So you see that some of the old houses throughout the maps represent abandoned plantations, while other areas attempt to recapture the rustic, horror feel of those old wooden manors with the drafty corridors and lamp-lit hallways.

There are several points of interest in the second map of Hunt: Showdown, including the train station, the prison, the for, and the fishery.

I kind of wish this game had a proper single-player-style campaign mode that was a little more story-oriented and a little less deathmatchy.

Hunt Showdown

It is cool, however, that they at least have the PvPvE element so that players are still attempting to complete objectives and maintain a sense of paranoia and distrust as they hunt down the clues in order to unlock the main boss and attempt to take home the bounty.

There’s a cool core concept tucked away in Hunt: Showdown, but I do wish they would refine the campaign a little more to feel more story-oriented. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in checking out the beta version of the Lawson Delta map, you can do so right now with version 3.0 of Hunt: Showdown, which is currently accessible over on the Steam store page via Early Access.

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