Just Cause 4 Videos Highlight Wind Gun, Tornadoes, Attaching Balloons To Vehicles
just cause 4

Just Cause 4 is one of those games that most people will probably forget about when it releases. It seems like it’s going to get overlooked like Darksiders 3 or Hitman 2. However, Square Enix is still trying to promote the game and get people interested in the upcoming third-person shooter with new trailers and YouTube content.

I have to admit that the “One Man Did All This?” trailer is actually kind of funny, especially how all the guys laying up in the hospital have these almost admirable stories about how Rico wrecked their piss and put them up in the hospital.

Some Spanish chick comes in to question her men being laid up in bed, and then promises that she’ll do much worse than what Rico did to them. One hilarious part shows a tough guy so impressed with Rico’s abilities that he got a tattoo of him on his arm. You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer doesn’t show much of anything you haven’t already seen before, just more of the same stuff you’ve been used to seeing.

YouTuber Hat Films did an 18 minute gameplay video showcasing some of the vehicles, the updated physics, and one of the cool new vehicles in the game that allows you to retract the wings to perform certain maneuvers. You can check it out below.

The trio also showcase the new Fulton feature for the grappling hook, which allows you to attach balloons to objects, which they demonstrate a couple of minutes where they attach a balloon to a turret and fly up into the air and fire on enemies.

They also showcase the new cargo drops in the game, where you can call in vehicles for certain tasks. You can also assign NPCs to pilot certain vehicles you call in as well.

The trio then mess around by adding balloons to a boat and some boosters on the back. They proceed to fly across the bay in the balloon boat before drop-kicking a cow and killing it mistakenly, and then Fultoning the cow away with a balloon.

Later in the video they go storm chasing using a jet. They attempt to ride into the eye of the storm but they end up dying. There are some really cool moments where the three guys add a bunch of balloons to a tank and then raid a base by flying over the base with a tank.

They also test out some of the cool weaponry, including a electric pulse turret, a wind gun, and a multi-rocket launcher.

I was actually impressed with the gameplay of Just Cause 4, and how cool the gunplay is, the vehicles are, and the weather effects. You can look for Just Cause 4 to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One December 4th.


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