Legends Of Aria, Sandbox MMO Open Beta Gets Underway November 23rd
Legends of Aria

If you wanted to get in a little bit of game time with Citadel Studios’ Legends of Aria, you can do so, for free, starting this weekend on November 23rd. The beta will run throughout the weekend and conclude on November 25th.

Ahead of the game’s Early Access run on Steam, you’ll be able to check out the gameplay, the weapons, the crafting, the exploration, the diplomacy, the banditry, and the war economy in the high-fantasy sandbox adventure.

The Early Access version of the game will get underway starting December 4th, but you’ll be able to play through the content early between November 23rd and November 25th to get a taste of what Citadel Studios has in store come December. You can check out some of the gameplay footage below to see what it’s all about.

The isometric gameplay seems to lend itself to the old-school Ultimate Online design. Players will be able to become a warrior and fight for some coin, or they can become a mage and attempt to battle mythical beasts. It’s possible to open a shop and sell some wares, or craft items and become a renown merchant. You can work with other leaders to dictate how to control the region, or you can become a petty thief, pillaging and picking off nobles as they pass by the merchant’s road.

The design and the open-endedness is a true throwback to what old-school MMOs used to be about before they turned into theme-park rides where everyone and everything holds your hand through the journey.

You can register right now to participate in this weekend’s beta test. Alternatively you can pre-order the game as well, Both options are available over on the official website for Legends of Aria. If you’re curious about the game feel free to give it a look-see to find out if it’s your kind of sandbox experience, especially since you won’t be getting it from Fallout 76.


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