Man Of Medan Trailer Focuses On Player Choices And Character Fates
Man of Medan

A new trailer for The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan from Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco has been posted up, giving gamers a brief look at the upcoming horror title for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The trailer details how the game is played, how your decisions will affect the fate of the five main characters, and how you can attempt to save each of them based on making the right choices.

The trailer can be viewed below.

Like all other Supermassive Games, the visuals are duly on-point. We can see that the performance capture work by the actors help bring the 3D thespians to life just like in Until Dawn and Hidden Agenda.

The narrator of the tale also looks eerily like the late David Bowie. He’ll be narrating the game’s anthology of horror experiences that make up The Dark Pictures, which will be a collection of smallish horror stories with different outcomes based on the player’s decisions.

In the case of Man of Medan, some young treasure hunters go deep diving out at sea and encounter an abandoned ghost ship that was sunk during World War 2. The five young people, consisting of an SJW-approved cast of “diverse” characters, end up getting more than they bargained for when a ghastly parasite begins to manifest itself within the ghost ship, infecting them, turning them, and killing them.

Much like Until Dawn, it will be possible to have all five of the characters survive or have all five of the characters bite the dust.

While the cinematic game genre isn’t really my cup of tea, I have to admit that Supermassive Games have been upgrading the quality of their titles with each new release, and it’s hard to deny that they’ve been getting better and better at it.

You can look for their first major multiplatform release this generation when Man of Medan, the first entry in The Dark Pictures, releases in the first quarter of 2019.


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