Midnight Wave, Cyberpunk Turn-Based RPG Fighter Takes To Kickstarter
Midnight Wave Kickstarter

Walthall Studios’ Midnight Wave is currently on Kickstarter at the moment, seeking $47,337. The game is 11% funded and still has 20 days to go. It’s a unique approach to the role-playing genre because it combines tactical turn-based combat with side-scrolling combat mechanics, all set within a cyberpunk universe where street samurai attempt to dethrone an oppressive regime that rules the city.

According to Walthall Studios, the game has a lot of customization features when it comes to the narrative diversity. It’s inspired by games like Fire Emblem and Persona, and has 2D combat mechanics that mirror the likes of Super Smash Bros.

The story centers around corporate giants ruling the two states of Neo-Nihon in a future where corporations vie to control the world’s armies and energy.

Players take on the role of Yu, a rebel who wants to start a much bigger rebellion to fight back against the warring corporations. He does so with the help of Nobu and Mitsu, but things end up falling in. With the help of a mysterious benefactor bankrolling a private rebellion army for Yu, things take on a very different complexion when Yu becomes a pawn in the schemes of the mysterious benefactor.

The plot is multilayered with a lot of different choices and options for players to utilize in order to shape the final story… or so that’s what the Kickstarter page says.

The highlight for the game is in the turn-based combat, which might look like Advanced Wars or Fire Emblem on first glance, but in reality that’s just the surface. Once you position your characters and engage in actual combat, the game switches from the tactical screen to a side-scrolling platformer fighter.

Players will have to utilize skills, elemental abilities, and other upgrades in order to overcome their foes.

It reminds me a little bit of Saturday Morning RPG or Front Mission but taken to the next level.

If the game seems interesting to you, you can download the character creator from over on itch.io right now. Alternatively, if you like what Walthall Studios is offering, you can support the cause by visiting the Kickstarter page.


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