Million Arthur: Arcana Blood PS4 Gameplay Video Showcases Iori In Action
Million Arthur Arcana BLood

Square Enix’s upcoming 2D fighting game, Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is due out for the PlayStation 4 at the end of the month on November 29th. The Japanese-themed fighting game features a few cross-collaboration guest characters from popular fighting games and anime, including Iori from SNK’s King of Fighters series and Yamenko Arthur from Hangyakusei Million Arthur.

A new gameplay trailer was released featuring five minutes of gameplay, featuring Flame versus Iori. You can see the 2D fighting game in action below, courtesy of YouTuber Top Gaime.

The combat is set at a rapid pace, fitting in right at home with games like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear.

Rounds move by pretty quickly and the action can go back and forth depending on your skill, but unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be many ways to stop an opponent from doing massive damage once they start a fresh combo.

This is also one of the rare fighting games made in today’s era that actually uses high-quality HD sprites. It’s oftentimes more expensive to rely on hand-animated HD sprites because you can’t recycle default animations across various characters via bone-rigging like you can with 3D models. This creates a lot of extra work and production time for artists, which is typically why 2D has been phased out in favor of either using 3D with cel-shading, rasterized 3D transmuted into 2D animation sets, or like in Arc System Works’ case, 3D characters and animations with specialized 2D shader and animation pipeline to mimic hand-drawn 2D art.

Anyway, Million Arthur: Arcana Blood features 13 playable characters with 31 different assist characters. The game originally came out last year at the arcades in Japan but is now getting a home console release on the PS4… in Japan.

Don’t be surprised if the game eventually makes its way Stateside at some point as a digital download from the PlayStation Store.

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