Miscreated, CryEngine Survival Sim Graduates From Early Access On December 18th, 2018

Entrada Interactive announced that Miscreated will be graduating from Early Access starting December 18th. The game is another one of those survival sims where you attempt to survive on an island, scavenging for items, gathering weapons, and attempting to out-survive other players.

The CryEngine-powered survival game is similar to other survival titles like DayZ or Rust. There is a stronger focus on environmental hazards and less focus on killing other players on sight due to the nature of the game and the constant threat of survival elements, zombies, and large-scale monsters.

Miscreated first made its debut in Early Access on Steam four years ago back in 2014. Over time it built up a solid audience and recently it’s been receiving a lot of positive user review scores for doing development right.

Like most Early Access games, Miscreated missed its original release deadline by about two years. However, the developers are at least bringing the game’s development to a conclusion this December.

The full version will feature 15 different vehicles to drive, 70 different weapons to collect, zombies, mutants, widlife, 200 different items to craft, free-form base building, clans, and weather hazards such as acid rain, wind storms, poisonous water and food, and blizzards.

Given that a bunch of people have already put in their playtime with Miscreated, I wonder if they’ll actually be able to acquire new players who haven’t already played through survival sims to death over the last six years? It might seem kind of redundant at this point, but then again there are plenty of people out there who won’t touch Early Access games, so graduating from Early Access is probably going to target the players who were originally uninterested in the game.

The 1.0 version will be available for $24.99 when it launches on December 18th. However, ahead of its graduation from Early Access, you can get Miscreated over on the Steam store during the Autumn Sale for 50% off for only $12.49.


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