Mutant Year Zero Trailer Introduces The Furry-Friendly Farrow
Mutant Year Zero

The Bearded Ladies and Funcom are looking to court the almighty dollar from those bipedal fur-suit wearing degenerates thanks to the announcement of a brand new playable character in the upcoming Mutant Year Zero.

Farrow may look like a foxy dude with a cool patch and big gun, but Farrow is actually a chick. Yes, even though it’s designed with as much feminine appeal as Glamour’s 2015 self-ascribed “Woman of the Year”, it’s actually a chick.

The foxy soldier is actually classified as an assassin, donning a long trench coat, slacks, knee-high boots, a few facial scars and a patch over her her eye. She wields a shotgun but specializes in stealth, as outlined in the trailer below.

Farrow uses her electric shotgun blaster to take down the baddies with a lightning ball of explosives resulting from the high-impact blasts.

They gave Farrow a British accent to go along with the Fantastic Mr. Fox-aesthetic, and she can make use of the environment to get bonus points for taking down enemies unseen.

The design of the fox looks pretty cool, but my goodness could they have done something to make it look more feminine? It would have made sense if Farrow was a dude, dressed like an outlander-vagabond of sorts, but if they were going to make the fox a chick they should have plopped her in a spy-getup that was form fitting so you at least know what’s what. It’s like a reverse trap.

Anyway, Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden is due to drop on December 4th for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It features a sprawling story set in a mutant wasteland where players will have to scavenge for loot, fight baddies, and attempt to make their way in a post-war Earth.

You can learn more about the XCOM-style tactical turn-based, post-apocalyptic RPG by visiting the official website.


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