Niplheim’s Hunter Launches Dec 3rd On Steam, Demo Now Available
Niplheim's Hunter

Black Train and HappyHand’s role-playing game about a hot chick who gets branded by an evil demon and goes on the hunt to seek revenge called Niplheim’s Hunter is set to release on December 3rd next month on Steam.

A free demo has been made available for the game that you can download right now, giving you a small taste of the game. You can check out the demo by visiting the Steam store page.

The game centers around a chick named Azel who seeks out a demon beast that branded her during the war of the monsters. Azel travels to a forsaken land called Niplheim where the demon presumably resides. It’s there that Azel takes up the task of becoming a hunter of monsters while she gets strong to take down the demon.

You can check out the video below from AllGamesWorldHD to get an idea of what the artwork and gameplay is like.

The game has a basic Wolf RPG Editor setup, with small sprites representing the characters on the world map and during the battle scenes, which are traditional JRPG-style turn-based battles like the old Final Fantasy games.

The interaction and story sequences, however, are played out using multi-choice options available as you interact with other characters and progress the story.

The game also features a crafting system so you can acquire new gear and armor, which also includes battle pixel art. There are 10 different armor sets you can get your hands on throughout the game.

Surprisingly, the release on Steam will only feature ecchi images as there are no hardcore CG images in the basic release of the game. However, don’t be shocked if a post-release patch is made available to make it the true experience.

You can download the demo right now, but keep in mind that your saved data will not transfer over to the full version when it releases on December 3rd.


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