Open Discussion: November 18th, 2018

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With that said, this Open Discussion is about Artifact and its open beta. If you don’t know, the game kicked up quite the dust or controversy when announced and seems to be keeping up the mess regarding “a pay to do anything model.” According to a recent Reddit post, many players have become disgusted by Valve’s digital card game because of its monetization model.

A bevy amount of players are encouraging other players to cancel their pre-orders due to the payment model.

Moreover, folks must pay $19.99 for the Artifact base game, which nets you a hand of starter cards. To get new cards you must spend money, you can buy booster packs, too, for $1.99, you can also buy/sell cards via the marketplace where Valve takes a percentage, or you can try to win some cards by playing different modes that have you pay up a specific amount for tickets to enter.

Although you cannot trade right now, there are these things called “booster packs,” where one of the cards in the pack is a special hero card, while the others have a high chance of being a “starter card” — something of low value.

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