Pagan Online, Pre-Christian Hack-And-Slash RPG Trial Testing Registration Goes Live
PAGAN Online

Mad Head Games and announced that there’s a brand new hack-and-slash RPG on the horizon called Pagan Online, which is about the gods from pre-christian myth coming together to do battle in a violent world. announced that the trial testing period for the game is currently taking place, and the developers are looking for some gamers to give Pagan Online a test run before moving into the full launch stage.

Details about the game are extremely scant… almost non-existent to the point where you have no idea how the game actually plays, what the graphics are like, or what sort of characters will be at your disposal. The only thing released for the game is an announcement trailer, which is entirely done in CGI.

You see a few characters heading into battle, looking amped up and ready, and after stepping onto the battlefield, a giant rock monster in the very back of a large army rears its head. We don’t get to see any of the actual battle, as it clicks off and then fades in to show the heroes defeated.

I really wish we could have glimpsed just a little bit of the actual gameplay. The concept of the combat seems somewhat interesting at least, but not seeing it in action doesn’t give me the most hope for the game.

For those of you interested in participating in the testing phase, also known as the trials, you can sign-up right now by visiting the official Pagan Online website.

The testing will run through the basic data collection process, including stress testing the servers, making sure progression works, giving the economy a good exercise, and balancing out the difficulty and stability.

If you’re not from the U.S., then you’ll need to use the EU registration form over on the website. If you’re selected for the trials then you’ll be sent instructions on how to join.


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