Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Eevee Now Playable On Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator
Yuzu Emulator

Gamers are throwing away their Switches and grabbing the ‘ole keyboard and mouse now that the Yuzu emulator is making rapid headway. You can now play Nintendo Switch games day-one on your PC using the Yuzu emulator.

ISOs are already making the rounds for some of Nintendo’s biggest games as they launch day one at retail stores, and sail the digital seas for the crews that ride the raging rivers. As pointed out by the Yuzu team, you can now boot up an ISO of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee right from the comfort of your PC.

Some people noted that the Yuzu emulator crashes after booting up the Pokemon Let’s Go games, barely getting past the main menu. Others have been able to get into the game, while a few more have been messing with tweaks in order to maintain stable frame-rates.

Nintendo fans are begging the Yuzu team to wait on adding compatibility to the emulator, but at this point a lot of gamers just wait to play the games on their PC without having to put the coin in Nintendo’s coffers.

To help make it easier to get your hands on day-one releases from Nintendo, the emulation developers are gathering up funds via their Patreon page.

A few diehard gamers are hoping that Yuzu can gather enough funds to make the compatibility on the emulator high enough so that it will be able to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate day-one. Currently games like Super Mario Odyssey are already playable and are seeing great strides being made in the compatibility department.

Nintendo hasn’t been too happy about ROM and ISO sites sharing Switch games so early in its lifespan. The company has actually resorted to suing sites like LoveROMS and LoveRETRO, which they managed to win via a $12 million dollar settlement. Other websites closed up their ROM sections in lieu of the lawsuit, hoping to avoid Nintendo’s litigious wrath, but others don’t care about the legal ramifications and are keeping their ROM stock locked and loaded.

You can download the Nintendo Switch emulator for free by visiting the official Yuzu download page.

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