Rain Of Reflections Trailer Covers Mixed-Genre Gameplay In A Cybernoir Setting
Rain of Reflections

The new gameplay trailer for Lionbite Games’ Rain of Reflections recently dropped. The mixed-genre adventure game combines dialogue-driven narrative with isometric turn-based stealth and combat sections, along with some hacking mini-games to help diversify the gameplay.

The Unity-powered game is set in the future where players take on the role of a scientist named Wilona, who is attempting to solve an infertility issue that has plagued the futuristic society.

Rain of Reflections - Captured

The company she works for manages to secure the last known child and begins running experiments on it in hopes of solving the infertility issue. However, Wilona begins second guessing the morality of the project, and this is where players come in.

The game is like a mix of a David Cage title and Firaxis’ XCOM games. You’ll have isometric map exploration during the combat and stealth segments, but standard third-person point-and-click gameplay when you make it to safe areas where you can explore or talk to other NPCs. You can see how the gameplay unfolds in the new trailer for Rain of Reflections below.

Lionbite is a small studio with big ambitions. They decided to go with the Qualysis motion capture solution system in order to develop studio-quality motion capture for the models.

They’re also utilizing the DynamiXYZ facial performance capture middleware in order to bring the character faces to life.

Obviously it’s not quite as detailed as Detroit: Become Human or The Last of Us: Part II, but it’s a step above what you would probably expect from an indie studio.

Rain of Reflection - Facial Capture

I think what’s most impressive is that the developers are attempting to utilizes different genres to bring the game to life in a way that isn’t just a retread of tired old concepts.

According to Lionbite Games the trailer above featuring Wilona is just from the first chapter. There are three chapters each featuring different playable characters. The second chapter puts you in the role of a private investigator named Dwennon West set in the cyberpunk slums. The third chapter will focus on a resistance movement fighting back against the corportacracy that rules the city.

Rain of Reflection - Flying Car

While the concepts are pretty cool I suppose it’s probably best to take a reserved approach with the game given that Lionbate is based out of Stockholm, Sweden, and the creative director is a former game journalist named Victor Lionhead. We all know about game journalists and Sweden, so approach with a measure of skepticism.

You can look for Rain of Reflections to launch at some point in late 2018 or early 2019 for PC. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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