RIDE 3 Launch Trailer Preps For November 30th Launch

Milestone released the launch trailer for RIDE 3, featuring a brief rundown of the game’s various game modes and features. Milestone already sent out the review copies for the game and it’s definitely one to watch for, and we’ll have a review up soon.

RIDE 3 launches November 30th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, featuring 300 different bikes from seven different categories of racing that can be raced across 30 different tracks. The game is a celebration of two-wheeled motor bike racing throughout the ages.

Players will be able to journey through the world of motorcycle competition starting as far back as the 1960s and working their way all the way up to the current day machines. You can check out the launch trailer below to get an idea of what the general gist of the options and racing is like.

The game features a quick race mode, weekly challenges that are updated regularly where players are assigned a bike and a track and must complete it within certain given conditions, along with an online multiplayer mode, and a career mode.

The career mode is where things really shine for the game given that it has multiple tiers to race through, and multiple race challenges with a handful of events per challenge. The mode is extremely deep and will take dozens of hours to complete.

While the trailer above might look like a cinematic in-engine collage, the actual game looks that good (on PC anyway). If you’re an aficionado of motorcycles and you enjoy collecting different bikes this is definitely a game to keep your eye on.

There’s also customization both for the parts and for the livery. Some of the bikes will allow you to modify the engine parts, suspension and wheels, while other bikes are a bit more limited depending on if they’ve been modified for racing or are too old to customize.

You can look for RIDE 3 to launch for home consoles and PC on November 30th.


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