SINoAlice, Gothic Fairy-Tale RPG From Yoko Taro Is Coming To iOS, Android

Nexon announced that it’s teamed up with Square Enix and Pokelabo to bring Yoko Taro’s SINoAlice to iOS and Android devices in the coming months.

The game is themed around a dark-fantasy world that’s based on a retelling of classic fairy tales including The Nutcracker, The Three Little Pigs, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella and Snow White.

The game was introduced during this year’s G-Star event in South Korea, and Nexon unleashed a near two minute trailer to announce the game, along with opening up an official web page. You can check out the trailer below.

The cinematic trailer definitely has Yoko Taro’s stamp of creativity written on it, especially with the music, which sounds very similar to Keiichi Okabe’s NieR: Automata soundtrack. Although, it should come as no surprise given that Okabe is also composing the score for SINoAlice.

The trailer gives you a look at some of the characters in the game, along with some of their weapons. However we don’t actually get to see any of the gameplay.

According to the press release, the actual details on the gameplay and launch features won’t arrive until a later date. In the coming months they’ll also reveal how to sign-up for the pre-registration phase, as well as some of the enemies players will be facing, some of the environments they’ll be traversing, and some of the puzzles they’ll be completing.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping for a game on the major game consoles you’ll have to settle for a mobile release instead. This is obviously where a lot of developers think they’ll make money. Oftentimes hardcore mobile games just don’t ever seem to capture an audience the way publishers think. But this is all assuming SINoAlice will be a hardcore game and not just some gacha cash shop skinned around the shell of a Yoko Taro idea.

You’ll have to wait some time before getting details on the game, but I’m sure NieR fans have likely already opted out.


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