Sony Discontinues Trophy Pass For PlayStation Rewards

PlayStation Trophy Pass - Credit Sony

Last year it was reported that PlayStation owners could use their PS3, PS Vita, or PS4 to earn rewards through the PlayStation Rewards program by earning trophies in what was called the Trophy Pass. Places like CNET reported that you could link your PlayStation Network account to the Sony Rewards program and earn points by earning silver, gold, and platinum trophies. You could trade in the points for PSN credit, with 10 platinum trophies netting you $10 gift cards, or 25 gold trophies earning you the ability to extend your PlayStation Plus subscription. However, all of that has come to an end effective immediately.

Users over on the PSN Profiles forum users noticed that after October 29th, 2018, Sony would discontinue allowing people to register their PSN accounts with the Sony Rewards program, and after November 7th, 2019, the entire Trophy Pass program would be discontinued.

If you head on over to the terms and conditions page on the Sony Rewards website, you can scroll to the bottom where there’s a small sub-section in the penultimate paragraph for the Trophy Pass program. It states…

“The Trophy Pass program has been discontinued. Sony Rewards members will not be able to unlock a new Trophy Pass after October 29, 2018. For Sony Rewards members that unlocked a Trophy Pass prior to October 29, 2018, you may continue earning Sony Rewards points through the Trophy Pass program until November 7, 2019, at which time the program will be permanently discontinued for all Sony Rewards members. “

So anyone who managed to sign up before October 29th, 2018 will still be able to earn Sony Rewards, but starting next year on November 7th, you’ll no longer be able to reap any rewards from the Trophy Pass program.

Standard Sony Rewards will still be available from other services, including the Trial Blazer Pass, the Entertainment Trifecta Pass, and the Triple Feature Pass.

Some hardcore Sony fanboys praised Sony for ending the program because they felt that others abused it by getting quick platinums from indie games and trash-tier titles. However most normal people lamented the fact that they can no longer earn trophies and cash them in for rewards.

For people who bought a lot of PlayStation games, the Sony Rewards program was a good way to get something back for all the money spent on games and the time invested into playing them. It was somewhat equivalent to the trading cards in Steam games that could be unlocked by playing the games, crafting the cards and then trading them for money or other items.

At this point, though, PlayStation gamers are stuck earning rewards by spending real money on Sony and PlayStation services rather than being able to actually play games and unlock trophies.

On the official Rewards website Sony simply states that there will be a new “pass experience” coming soon to allow users to unlock rewards in replacement of the Trophy Pass being discontinued.

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