Star Citizen 3.3.5 Free Fly Event Will Let You Fly 80 Ships, Visit 8 Moons Between Nov 23rd – Nov 30th
Star Citizen

It’s that time of the week where a new video for Star Citizen’s developmental progress has been released and it gives people ample amount of opportunity to discuss what they’re looking forward to most from the game, what they hate about the game, and hanging on to every word of Chris Roberts for better or for worse.

The episode starts off showcasing some of the Hammerhead gameplay, as well as giving a brief overview of how fleet combat will play out and how the Hammerhead’s ship damage will require players to fix decompression, put out fires, repair systems, and utilize the multi-crew features in order to engage in the meta-game of Star Citizen.

One of the really cool new features is the ability to benchmark your system so that you can see how well your PC (or laptop) stacks up against other players running Star Citizen. This is useful for players who enjoy tracking FPS optimization and progress through the development of the game. You can gauge your system using the Telemetry page to gauge how your system measures up to other players while playing the game.

They also discuss how they’re expanding the art for ArcCorp, an entire planet designed around an urban metropolis, almost like Star Citizen‘s version of Coruscant. Essentially they want the planet from exosphere to look as if it has a bright, bustling city stretching across the entire surface. We get a brief glimpse of the progress being made so far and it looks pretty good.

There’s also a glimpse at the upcoming laser combat knife and the engineering work tool that’s in development. The work tool in particular is neat because it folds up and unfolds based on use. So when you’re not using it it turns into a compact device that you can store on your character’s hip.

Star Citizen - Engineer Tool

I do wonder if we’ll see more tools like that make their way into Star Citizen in future updates?

And finally, there’s the Free Fly week, which will take place between November 23rd and November 30th. You’ll be able to download the free client and fly around with all 80 ships available in the game.

The free alpha build will also enable you to check out eight traversable moons, 30 diferent mission types, and all of the various rest stops stationed throughout the solar system.

The free flying promo will also include the mega-city Lorville and the planet Hurston, giving gamers a firsthand look at the new savannah biome and some of the new content available in alpha 3.3.5.

You can register right now and prep to download the free client by visiting the official Roberts Space Industries website.


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