Surviving Mars’ Space Race Expansion Goes Live Nov 15th On PS4, Xbox One, PC
Surviving Mars Space Race

Paradox Interactive and developer Haemimont Games announced that the latest expansion pack for the popular Surviving Mars is set to arrive on November 15th. Surviving Mars: Space Race will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Ahead of the release of the expansion pack there will be a livestream from Paradox on November 7th at 17:00 CET on the Paradox Interactive Mixer channel (and yeah, apparently some rogue devs actually use Mixer) where they’ll cover the content of the expansion and run through some of what you can expect from the game’s big update on home consoles and PC.

You can also check out the Surviving Mars: Space Race trailer to see what new content is set to arrive in the game.

The expansion adds two new sponsors, Japan and Brazil. They’ve added new vehicles to the game that you can utilize. Additionally, there are new events for you to partake in, and the addition of rival colonies from other survivalists.

While the rival colonies might seem like a motivator to get you in gear and producing more facilities and habitats, they offer more to the challenge than just their presence. If a rival colony manages to complete a challenge from the mission milestones, you’ll no longer be able to complete it, and it can definitely hamper your success.

Rockets have also been given more functionality, including the ability to travel to other colonies, make supply trades, and also open up the ability to receive rockets from other colonies instead of having them shipped from Earth. The benefit from getting rockets from colonies instead of Earth is that it’s a lot faster.

You can also create allies or rivals depending on how you interact with the other colonies. Partaking in trade deals and supply offerings to the others can help you out drastically, where-as sabotaging their supplies or angering them can sometimes have drastic results.

You can learn more about the Surviving Mars: Space Race expansion by checking out the game’s store page on the Paradox Plaza.

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