The Game Awards Will Supposedly Reveal More Than 10 New Games

Get ready to get your memes ready since The Game Awards 2018 is gearing up to debut early next month to showcase ten plus new games and then some. Talk early this week has it that Alien: Blackout or “Woke: Broke-out” will be one of the new games during the fifth annual showing of The Game Awards 2018 along with other titles “developed in secret.”

I’m pretty sure you remember the embarrassing moments that happened during last year’s The Game Awards 2017, right? Whether you don’t remember it or you missed out on it, good for you.

Anyway, the video game award show likely to follow in the footsteps of last year will see creator Geoff Keighley play host yet again, whilst being accompanied by live orchestra performances, different ways to “vote” for games, and ten plus new game reveals.

All of the above information can be found on Keighley’s Twitter account, as posted below:

“We have such an incredible show coming together for next week. More than 10 new games will be announced for the first time during #TheGameAwards plus updates on existing titles too. We will share some teases in the days to come….”

The event that is planned to run for about two hours will also shine light on updates on existing titles to come. If that doesn’t float your boat, the other nine-plus games joining Cold Iron Studios’ Alien game will supposedly be unlike any other reveal in the history of The Game Awards… assuming they’re not already announced mobile games and MTX riddled titles being re-revealed.

Finally, we’ll see what memes and cringe moments bubble out of this year’s Game Awards when December 6th rolls around at 8:30 PM EST. In the meantime, you can see what’s planned for said event that’s a week and a few days out from premiering by hitting up


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