Tronsmart Discounting IPX56 Bluetooth Portable Speaker, Other Gadgets For Black Friday


If you’re in need of some new tech to make your high-tech millennial life slightly more enjoyable and hip than it was just a few days ago, Tronsmart is discounting some of its high-end gadgets throughout the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday sales event.

One of the premiere devices that Tronsmart keeps in its stock is a element blaze IPX56 water resistance wireless portable stereo speaker with lighting effects, mountable functionality and a special loud bass super boost with up to 12 hours of functionality.

The Bluetooth-powered device also has pairing connectivity, so if you get two of them you can link them up and get full surround sound from the 5W drivers and passive radiators that help boost the natural sound.

Pairing is done pretty easily, with users simply having to hold the two speakers together for three to five seconds and then linking the speakers together through a smartphone using the Tronsmart Element Blaze function through scanning for a Bluetooth device.

You can also use the portable speaker for hands-free phone calls or while you’re out hiking, swimming, bike riding, or mountain climbing. You’ll also be able to garner up to 12 hours of playtime out of the device using the 1800mAh Li-ion battery.

You can also pair up the device with your laptop, assuming you want to use it for external sound. I suppose you could also use it for your PS4, but I don’t know why exactly, unless you were using two of the IPX56 devices on either side of the TV as a surround sound setup.

Anyway, you can learn more about the IPX56 over on the Tronsmart website. It’s currently available for only $29.99 but during Black Friday expect the price to drop significantly.

The company will also be discounting their other products throughout Black Friday, with sales at up to 50% off during the holiday shopping season.