Wreckfest Devs, Bugbear Entertainment, Acquired By THQ Nordic

It seems like THQ Nordic is getting back to the old ways of the original THQ, becoming somewhat of a mid-tier powerhouse with a bunch of developers under its wings who make games that gamers actually want to play.

One of the latest acquisitions by THQ Nordic is Bugbear Entertainment, the makers of Wreckfest.

THQ Nordic wisely decided to pick up Bugbear after the company released Wreckfest this past June on PC after the game spent years in Early Access under the developmental wing of Steam. Now that the game has graduated from Early Access, the developers are seeking to publish Wreckfest on the far inferior home consoles, namely the Xbox One and the PS4. THQ Nordic will surely make things go a lot smoother for Bugbear to get their game on the home consoles.

The announcement for Wreckfest appearing on the consoles popped up back during July of this year.

This comes shortly after THQ acquired the assets of 38 Studios, which included Kingdoms of Amalur.

Just a month before acquiring 38 Studios’ assets, THQ Nordic purchased the Timesplitters rights and intellectual property. They also picked up Second Sight in the deal as well.

Earlier in the year THQ Nordic added Koch Media and its published software to its stable as well, proving that while Activision and EA make a lot of big cash in a short amount of time with loot boxes, THQ is focused on building up a solid library of long-lasting titles built around a core audience.

THQ not only plans on releasing Wreckfest on home consoles next year, there are also plans to help Bugbear develop additional action-racing games as well via long-term investments in the developer’s future growth.

It would be nice to see Bugbear advance on what they’ve already accomplished with Wreckfest. More refined and and more advanced soft-body deformation, improved vehicle physics, and more realistic lighting for a potential Wreckfest 2 would make for an awesome experience.


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