Xenon Racer, Futuristic Racing Game Lands On Switch, PS4, Xbox One March 26th, 2019
Xenon Racer

Soedesco’s Xenon Racer was originally announced last month but it managed to get overlooked enough that most people probably didn’t even know it was inbound. The upcoming game is a futuristic racer themed around fast cars, neon lights, and gorgeous environments.

You’ll be able to take part in the races across the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox One, and the PS4 starting next year on March 6th, 2019.

To commemorate the announcement of the game and to accompany the pre-order campaign that has already gone live for $49.99, there’s a debut trailer highlighting some of the tracks and a few of the cars that’ll be racing in Xenon Racer. You can check out the debut trailer below.

The game is being developed by 3DClouds.it, which is an Italian development outfit that’s responsible for the recent kart racer known as All-Star Fruit Racing.

Also, unlike other development studios, they’re actually composed of people who make games and not trying to virtue signal about any and everything other than games.

As for Xenon Racer, the title features a collection of prototype-style cars across a cool selection of tracks. It’s not a hover-racer or one of those anti-gravity games, though. You’re still keeping the rubber firmly planted on the ground and taking curves at dangerously high speeds.

It seems to be designed for enthusiasts who enjoyed games like Project Gotham Racing or the Need For Speed games before they turned into loot box slot machines.

Visually Xenon Racer looks fantastic, but I’m curious how well it’s going to run on the Switch in the handheld mode? That’s always the hang-up for a lot of games that are ported to Nintendo’s little hybrid that could.

I suppose we’ll find out more as the game draws closer to release in March.


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