ATOM RPG Cheats Give You Unlimited Health, AP, Skill Points

One of the newest games to rock the Steam charts is ATOM Team’s ATOM RPG. It’s a classical throwback to old-school games before they were disease-ridden with “diversity” and propped up in media because it adheres to the Social Justice Warrior agenda. If you purchased a copy of the game, you can make use of a few cheat trainers currently available.

You can get a free cheat table for the cheat engine from over on

The cheat table features the following options for the game:

  • Skill Points
  • Characteristic Points
  • Perk Points

It’s not the most comprehensive cheat utility for ATOM RPG, but don’t worry, there’s a second cheat trainer available that you can download from Cheat Happens.

It’s a premium trainer but it offers you a few more options than what you’ll get from the cheat table at the moment:

  • Super Health
  • Unlimited AP
  • Unlimited Stat Points
  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • AI Can’t Attack
  • Relationships Don’t Change
  • Items Weight Nothing
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Inventory Multiplier

If you’re not familiar with ATOM RPG, the game has already become a sleeper hit. The game is played as an isometric RPG, very similar to the first two Fallout games or Jagged Alliance.

While walking around and traversing the post-apocalyptic wasteland you’ll need to scavenge for supplies and equipment. When you engage an enemy in combat it turns into a turn-based battle.

There’s non-linear gameplay quests spread out across the game world with multiple solutions to each of the quests, and there’s a dialogue system along with multiple locations to visit filled with bandits, villagers, mutants, and survivors. The game is a throwback to classic 1990s-style turn-based strategy games, so for people who enjoyed those kind of games it’s definitely up that alley.

You can check out ATOM RPG right now to get your Fallout fix since you certainly won’t be getting it from Fallout 76. The game is currently available for $14.99 from the Steam store.


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