Battle Princess Madelyn Delayed For Nintendo Switch, PS4 Version Releases Dec 20th

Battle Princess Madelyn

Casual Bit Games and Hound Picked Games announced that Battle Princess Madelyn has been delayed for the Nintendo Switch. The North American PS4 version of the game will release on December 20th later in the month, while the PC and Xbox One versions of the game will be patched with improvements.

The current status of the Switch version of the game is that it’s currently pending clearance from Nintendo after being sent in for certification.

Once it gets cleared by Nintendo Casual Bit Games will announce an official release date for the Nintendo Switch version of Battle Princess Madelyn.

Meanwhile, the Steam, Xbox One and GOG version of the game has been updated with various fixes and improvements. The changelog for patch 1.0.3 was rolled out over on the Steam community thread, which reveals that the order of Arcade and Story mode have been swapped to make it easier for newbies to navigate the main menu, and three major glitches have been fixed in the game, including one at the Cliffs of Sorrow near the sunken boat, a fix for an NPC where their text wasn’t problem localized, and a bug where a character would spawn off-screen when changing levels.

Another issue that was fixed was regarding an enemy from the Germany forest that could block your path in the story mode if you didn’t have the right weapons or upgrades.

Additionally, Christopher Obritsch from Casual Bit Games explained that they’ve decided to make some changes and improvements for the Switch version, to make it more palatable for newcomers. Obritsch mentioned in the press release…

“Unfortunately, the delay for Switch (and PS4 (NA)) was unavoidable, but these extra weeks have resulted in superb feedback from some top gaming media, and experts, which means some new and exciting additions to the game will occur over the next month via patches updated through all the stores. Some gamers, although loving the game, have been frustrated by certain strategies in what is an ‘old school’ concept. As such a help and hints system patch will be available shortly to aid the player. We have been totally transparent throughout and hope gamers will continue to feed us information. Due to the length of time it takes to get patches through the different publishers, we hope that the Switch version will be out very soon.”

The game is currently available for $19.99. It’s an old-school style game with a 16-bit influenced aesthetic, featuring side-scrolling gameplay and classic platforming.

You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

As mentioned, Battle Princess Madelyn is currently available on GOG and Steam for PC, along with being available on the Xbox Store for the Xbox One. The PS4 version will be available on December 20th while the Nintendo Switch version is still to be determined.