BrightBurn Trailer Portrays The Story Of Superman As A Villainous Horror Film
BrightBurn (2019) Movie

James Gunn may have been cast out of the house of the Disney, but it doesn’t mean he’s stopped making movies. In fact, his latest upcoming flick that he helped write and produce with his brother is a horror film… a super hero horror film. Well, technically it would be a super villain horror film.

The movie is about a kid who falls from space in a pod, just like Superman. He lands in the backyard of a husband and wife who can’t have kids, just like Superman. He’s raised on a farm in a small town, just like Superman. And he has super powers such as super speed, laser eyes, and flight, just like Superman. The main difference is that he doesn’t fight for right, he doesn’t fight for justice, and he’s actually a psycho-killer, which is actually pretty wicked.

You can check out the first trailer for the not-Superman movie, BrightBurn, starring Elizabeth Banks, courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

The trailer has a slow burn start, with the husband and wife discovering the baby from the spaceship and raising him as their own. They keep from him his true identity, never telling him that he was from outer space.

As he gets older, though, he begins to change. He develops the ability to bend metal, levitate, and move at super sonic speeds. He’s also consistently drawn towards his spaceship.

I’m not really sure what happens that triggers the change, but he eventually starts to become sadistic and violent, including torturing the waitress, blasting out her eye, and ripping the door open.

The trailer ends as the boy moves at super speed towards the waitress, likely killing her.

It should come as no surprise that James Gunn would be involved with writing a story about a boy coming off his controversial tweets that supposedly “joked” about pedophilia.

Either way, Gunn is no longer Disney’s problem and is back to making films that are no longer family-friendly. Let’s hope that Screen Gems and Sony don’t chicken out and go with a PG-13 rating, because it would definitely kick butt if it were a hard-R.

You can look for BrightBurn to launch on Memorial Day in 2019 next year. You can keep track of the film by hitting up the Brightburn.Movie website.

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