Car Wash Simulator, A Game About Surviving In The Hood Is Coming Soon To Steam
Car Wash Simulator

There are simulators out there for repairing cars, for building cars, and for customizing cars, so why not one for washing cars? Yes, the next in line for the ever-growing list of simulators is 1Z Games and PlayWay’s Car Wash Simulator.

The game is exactly what the namesake infers: you wash cars. The concept centers around starting off as a lowly servant of the people, taking on the menial task of hand-washing cars for cash. As you save up your coin and continue to wash more cars, you’ll be able to spend your dosh on upgrades.

You’ll move up from hand-washing cars to using hoses, to high pressure foam guns. You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

You also do more than just wash the car. You also have to clean out and vacuum the seats, get the stains off the finish, and ensure that you finish washing the vehicles in a timely enough manner.

The real hook for the game is that as you attempt to make money by washing cars in the slums, you’ll have to do with local crime, including murders. You can either work with the mob or work with the cops in exposing the mob, but you’ll be able to earn some extra cash by diving into some dirty dealings.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these simulator games sometimes have an extra layer of gameplay and nuance to them. It’s a shame that AAA games don’t contain those kind of surprises anymore, but that’s because too many publishers are too busy chasing after the loot box dollars.

Anyway, you can look for Car Wash Simulator to launch soon on Steam. You can follow the game, wishlist it, or learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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