D.R.O.N.E., 6DOF Multiplayer Arena Shooter Enters Early Access On Steam

Back in the 1990s Descent was all the rage as the frontrunner of 3D 6DOF (six-degrees of freedom) games. Interplay’s underground shooter set a new standard for what gamers expected from both single-player exploration shooter games and multiplayer PvP. Five Studios Interactive’s D.R.O.N.E. is an attempt to tap into the nostalgia but with enough bells and whistles finely tuned for what gamers expect from today’s generation of gaming, including dynamic lights, multi-layered shadows, and a true sense of speed.

The game is currently available on the Steam store for $29.99 as an Early Access entry. It’s also currently discounted by 20% off during the first week of being on sale.

the game offers you 6DOF action across a number of modes, including team deathmatch, free-for-all, and team powerball.

The current build features 13 pre-made drones to fly around, two pre-made multiplayer arenas, and the core base for the creation toolset that will be implemented over time that will allow gamers to build their own drones and arenas.

You can see what the gameplay is like in the current build with a Let’s Play video made available from YouTuber The Awesome Soul.

You can use joysticks, gamepads, or keyboard and mouse controls, firing lasers, cannons, and lock-on targeting missiles at your opponents. You can use nitro to get out of tough binds, control your speed, and take complete control over the drone in full 3D space.

They have plans on adding in more modes, including the full arena editor, a rule-set editor, ranked and non-ranked multiplayer, a complete drone editor so you can build the fully armed drone of your dreams, and additional stages for the single-player mode.

There’s currently an on-site crowdfunding drive taking place on the official website, as well as funding being used through Early Access to keep growing the game.

You can learn more about D.R.O.N.E., by visiting the Steam page or keeping an eye on it by following the development progress.


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