Dragon Ball FighterZ Pulled From Major E-Sports Tournaments
Dragon Ball FighterZ

Reports are coming in that Dragon Ball FighterZ is no longer appearing at e-sports tournaments. It appears unlikely that the game will be at EVO 2019, and it’s already off the table for EVO Japan.

According to a number of tournament organizers, Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments are no longer being hosted. It started as far back as November, when Alex Jebailey, the game director for DreamHack, announced that registration for the game was being pulled.

When asked further and pressed for answers, Jebailey noted that he was not able to speak further about it.

It wasn’t just Dream Hack affected by this strange turn of events. Aksys Games announced that Dragon Ball FighterZ was also being dropped from the Anime Ascension tournament taking place between February 15th and February 17th in 2019.

Joey โ€œMr Wizardโ€ Cuellar also lamented what was taking place within the FGC regarding Dragon Ball FighterZ, putting it in jeopardy for EVO 2019.

The cancellations certainly had nothing to do with a lack of popularity.

A compilation graph put together covering what games were most talked about within the FGC showed that Dragon Ball FighterZ and Tekken 7 were among the top.

So obviously, this led a lot of people to question exactly what happened? According to e-sports consultant, Rod Breslau, this was a rights holders issue, and that the original rights holder did not want the games appearing at the tournaments.

According to YouTuber Stumblebee, this could extend all the way back to the Toei Animation headquarters and that they’re blocking not just the e-sports communities from spreading the good word about Dragon Ball FighterZ through the tournament scene, but it could also have an effect on Bandai Namco and how they’re able to promote and support the game moving forward.

Right now there’s still a lot of silence on what’s going on with the game, and whether or not this is something that Bandai can get resolved with Toei. In the meantime it appears as if Dragon Ball FighterZ will no longer be appearing at major tournaments.

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