EA Caught In Legal Quarrel After Firing Employee For Saying “Dick” During Meeting
EA Fires Employee

[Update:] The name of one of the employees was redacted at the request of Electronic Arts.

[Original article:] Electronic Arts had a legal injunction filed against them from a former employee who was fired for saying “dick”. More specifically, the Irish Times is reporting that Electronic Arts fired the former manager, Jean Philippe Grenet, because it was alleged by a female employee who wanted his job that Grenet told her during a meeting on November 9th, 2018 that he was… “going to pull my dick out and put it on the table to see who has the bigger dick”.

Grenet told the court that he did indeed say the word “dick” but he “clumsily” tried to avoid confrontation with the female employee by saying… “I don’t want to compare the length of my dick” with the employee. In other words, he was trying to colloquially say that he didn’t want to get into a dick measuring contest. However, English is not his first language, and the native Frenchman butchered the saying, got reported to the hire ups by the female employee, and EA immediately fired him after he admitted that he used the word “dick” in a conversation with the female employee on November 14th, 2018.

According to EA, Grenet violated their Harassment and Equality Policy, and thus his “gross misconduct” resulted in the termination.

Grenet filed the injunction to prevent anyone from fulfilling his managerial role over the global delivery service at Electronic Arts Ireland. He moved there from France with his wife and son, and is in charge of 420 people working at the Galway office, and another 80 people at the Texas office.

Grenet loved the job but felt that the employee became vindictive by undermining him once he became manager as well as creating interpersonal difficulties with other employees working at Electronic Arts.

This kind of corporate shenanigan is what one would come to expect from a competitive workplace like Electronic Arts. Unfortunately for Grenet, he just got caught up in both the intricate ridiculousness of corporate culture combined with the “listen and believe” era of the gaming industry. He fears that if this black mark stays on his record that it will be difficult for him to get another job within the gaming industry.

What’s that old saying about not speaking up when they come for everyone else but you? It appears some people are learning firsthand that the ways of the warring social justice activists doesn’t start or end with their Twitter profiles and it can affect your entire livelihood, as Jean Philippe Grenet has found out the hard way.

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