End Of Year Discussion: The Best Games And Events Of 2018

Leading up to 2019 we have a discussion for the best stuff of this year. Additionally, this means you now have the chance to list the significant interactive media items and content that changed your life in 2018. Now that the second part of the series is up for readers and gamers alike to participant in, you can detail what games, movies, and developers are the best of the year 2018.

Yesterday brought forth the worst of 2018 but you now have the chance to list the best video games, comic books, developers, movies and other media in the comments below.

Much like yesterday’s piece, you can compile a list together without facing any form of censorship, meaning that you can post up things that excited you, something that had you genuinely hopeful, and other forms of entertainment that actually holds something of worth.

In addition to the above, you can go into why you like whatever game, publisher, developer or other forms of entertainment by elaborating on the matter — unless you want to get straight to the point.

Moreover, if WordPress or Disqus acts up and keeps comments of yours behind bars or in pending, do let us know and we’ll try to address the situation.

Also, just like the piece that went up on December 29th, you can use this one to find games, movies, developers, publishers comic books and other products worth your time by asking in the comment section below. In other words, if you feel your time is worthy of well-made games, you can ask in the comments and I’m sure someone will provide answers.

Lastly, if you feel like you want to chime in and give your view on the worst games, developers, and other forms of media, you can head on over to “End Of Year Discussion: The Worst Games And Events Of 2018.” However, if you want to stay on topic, the comment section will be open for your best picks of the year 2018.


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