Episode Backlash, Documentary About LucasFilm Attacking Star Wars Fandom Releases May 2020

Episode Backlash

Marc John, the director for the upcoming documentary, Episode Backlash, released the first of three posters for the upcoming documentary. John originally announced the project back in late August of 2018 after Disney and the Social Justice Warriors at LucasFilm began out-and-out attacking the Star Wars fanbase. The documentary is about exploring the relationship between Disney, the creatives, and the fans who seem to be on the whip’s end of Disney’s moral lashings.

Episode Backlash isn’t due out until May, 2020 but leading up to its release there will be a slow burn of new promotional content released for the film. The first poster for the movie was released, which is a cryptic look at the content that the documentary will be exploring. You can check it out below, via the YouTube video from the Episode Backlash channel.

There’s not much there at the moment, but two more movie posters are set to release in the near future. Hopefully they shed more light on John’s progress on the documentary.

In the accompanying press release, Marc says…

“The first of three pre-release film posters is titled The Laser’s Edge. I welcome interpretations about its meaning. The symbolism has relevance to a major theme running throughout Star Wars. George Lucas understood the power of symbolism when he originally created this magnificent mythology.


“Episode Backlash aims to pay tribute to that. The meaning of the poster artwork can be summed up in a single word. I hope for this to be a fun visual puzzle for interested fans to contemplate.”


“As the Star Wars debate continues without pause, with various news outlets and others reporting numerous things as we countdown to Episode IX, I continue to observe the situation with interest as I work diligently on the film. I hope to create a thought provoking, independent film that will do justice to the subject matter and resonate down the ages.”

The main question is: will fans still care when 2020 rolls around?

We’re going to get a new Star Wars film by then, and I do wonder if the documentary will gain more fire by the time May, 2020 hits or if it will lose steam? It’s such a toss-up, but given how much the diehard fandom hates Star Wars right now due to all the politicking that Disney is doing with the brand, I can definitely see the hate train rolling right through 2019 and into 2020 at full force.

For more info feel free to visit the Episode Backlash website.