Ex-BioWare Devs QC Games To Release Breach Sometime In January 2019

Ever wondered what the ex-devs of BioWare that formed QC Games are up to as of late? Well, their first title which is a single-player, multiplayer, online, and co-op free-to-play RPG named Breach is now set to hit PC via Steam Early Access sometime in January of 2019.

That’s correct, a number of BioWare ex-devs have joined together to form QC Games. The Austin-based studio houses people like Dallas Dickinson (producer), Gabe Amatangelo (designer) and many more ex-BioWare devs.

The team formed together after the cancellation of a nearly completed action-RPG that debuted at Gamescom 2014 titled Shadow Realms. After said game’s cancellation, Dickinson and Amatangelo had thoughts to make QC Games.

In addition to the above, Shadow Realms was a free-to-play multiplayer game that piqued Electronic Arts’ interest when it was pitched, but after some thought and struggle, EA decided to ditch the whole thing prompting Dickinson and Amatangelo to go through with QC Games.

And yes, QC Games is the same ones that believe they’re like the “Netflix shows you’re seeing at the moment.” Additionally, Amatangelo went on to say that they’re like the “Altered Carbon of games… the PG Altered Carbon,” as featured in an interview over on gamesindustry.biz. In other words, this game has more soy in it than soy sauce.

Anyway, you can check out gameplay footage of the title that now has a Q1 2019 launch date below:

“Modern Earth and Mythological Earth collide in Breach, a third person action RPG with fast-paced combat. Create your own character and choose from dozens of classes. Take your character on missions across the globe in Solo, Co-op, or Versus modes.”

Right now, you can stay up to date on all things QC Games by heading over to playbreach.com, qcgamedev.com or its Steam page.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print… unless you want to see the devs? If so, you can see them right here:


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