Fallout 76 Stirs Controversy Once Again With Overpriced Atom Shop Items

I’m assuming companies around and about like Electronic Arts, Rockstar, and Bethesda are vying to see who can be the most obnoxious and egregious before the year is out. Well, this time the latter name has shipped out what many see as a new scam featured within the Atom Shop in Fallout 76 that is well overpriced.

Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios released Fallout 76 (officially) on November 14th, 2018, across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, the following blunders that you can’t even make up proceeded post-launch in chronological order:

  • The game shipped in a broken state before and after the “B.E.T.A,” and to this day the game is still a buggy mess.
  • After advertising a canvas bag to Collector Edition buyers who were greeted with a cheap nylon bag that was nothing like the one on the game’s official website/box, Bethesda just (as of this writing) sent out e-mails confirming the timeframe of the “real” bags to ship with a time frame of “4-6 months” due to “manufacturing and delivery.”
  • They issued one of the most slap in the face apologies next to Electronic Arts and DICE’s “Pride and accomplishment” Star Wars: Battlefront 2 apology, which manifested through Bethesda shipping 500 Atoms to players — equating to £4/$5 in real life that can’t buy anything of importance in Fallout 76.
  • Leaking personal player information to other players, which happened to be followed by shadow nerfs to the game to make players grind more in an attempt to gouge more money from player pockets.

Of course, more controversial stuff went on after the last bullet point regarding Fallout 76 leading us to the event that is the holiday Atom Shop scam.

In addition to the above, Bethesda had the audacity to say a sale is going on for three newly shipped Atom Shop items which happen to be the “Bundle: Comin’ To Town,” ” Red Rocket Mega Sign,” and the “Holidays Emote Bundle” granting those who dared to purchase it 12 holiday-themed icons.

To put the above into perspective, the “Bundle: Comin’ To Town” was once 3,000 Atoms (£24/$30) and was price changed to 2,000 Atoms (£16/$20). The “Red Rocket Mega Sign” that does absolutely nothing besides standing as a cosmetic item has no “spicy sale.” Instead, it runs for 1,400 Atoms (£11/$14). And the final overpriced product, the “Holidays Emote Bundle”, once boasted a price point of 2,400 Atoms (£19/$24) now sits at 1,200 Atoms (£9/$12).

The outrageous pricing for the holiday items sparked one of the official Fallout 76 subreddits to address this with a post titled “The ATOM Shops prices are slowly going up. and they are ridiculous!” One of the users, lucky5150, noted the following:

“Most of us agree that the pricing is out of hand in the atom shop. but this santa outfit set just dropped at $20.00. That’s $20.00… 1/3 of the full game. Twice as much as most DLCs combined. I don’t know how else to express it. Far Harbor took me like 2 months to complete alone, and i’m pretty sure I paid $20.00 for the entire Fallout 4 season pass (all DLCs). This santa outfit will be relevant for less than 2 weeks. COME ON BETHESDA! Fallout76 is already selling for $26.00 at some retailers!”

With all of that said, you can watch YouTuber YongYea recap all of the above and then some below.


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