Female Doctor Who Season Ends With 35% Ratings Drop And 37% RT User Rating

Doctor Who Ratings Plummet

The overnight numbers for the Doctor Who season finale are in, and it wrapped up with a 35% drop compared to the season opener, managing just a 5.32 million figure in the overnight ratings, compared to the 8.2 million figure they hit during the season opener, according to DoctorWhoTV.

The finale is slightly up over season 10’s finale, which clocked in at 5.29 in the seven day figures, but rounded out to a 5.6 in the 28 day average, according to BlogtorWho.

However, you have to keep in mind that season 10 started pretty low, opening at just a 6.68 in the seven day figures and a 7.24 after monitoring the stats over a 28 day period, where-as season 11 started at an 8.2 in the overnight ratings and eventually consolidated a 10.54 for the opener’s aggregate. So technically there was a much smaller drop-off between the opener and the finale for season 10 (with an approximate 20% drop) despite the season having an overall lower viewership rating, where-as there was a much larger drop-off between season 11’s opener and its finale (an approximate 35% drop), even though it had a much higher average opening viewership rating. So fewer people tuned in for the season 11 finale compared to the season 10 finale relative to the season openers.

I’m sure there will be an article (or two) from some Left-wing, feminist-milk guzzling rag that will attempt to hand-wave away the numbers and claim it as some sort of victory against the patriarchy in a twisted-logic way, but normal people see the writing on the wall, or rather… people didn’t see Doctor Who’s season finale.

According to TV Series Finale, however, it’s hard to look at the stats and not recognize that the show bombed in the season finale pretty badly, with episode 10 dropping all the way down to just 706,000 viewers in the U.K., for the final, down from the 1.367 million who tuned in for the opener within the region. So they lost nearly half of their viewers from the opener to the finale for those watching in the U.K.

This should come as no surprise given that the Rotten Tomatoes ratings have tanked over the course of the season as well. As the saying goes: the numbers don’t lie.

Yes, the 11th season of Doctor Who finished up with an audience score of 37%. The professional critics gave it a 94% “Fresh” rating, even though we all know that by now the critics are professionally “woke” while the audience is likely hoping that the series goes broke.

The professional critics go through the typical spiel about empowerment, diversity, and promoting the Social Justice Warrior agenda. The snippets from the professional critics say it all.

The average viewers are far less enamored by the whole Social Justice angle that the show decided to build itself around.

Stephen wanting to rest the series after season 12 might be what’s best for the show, but that means enduring another season of the kind of writing and direction that sunk the ratings in the first place. And yes, as noted by Show Snob, there will be a 12th season with Jodie Whittaker resuming her role as the Doctor.

If season 12 decides to keep pushing the whole Social Justice Warrior angle from the opener up until the finale, expect the ratings to just keep plummeting, no matter how much praise the Liberals keep giving it in the search engine-approved entertainment rags.

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