Kage Is Now Playable In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Street Fighter V Kage

Capcom updated Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with a brand new playable character, Kage, the embodiment of the Satsui. This is basically Evil Ryu just in demon form, complete with the pure energy of the Hado leaking out of his body and devil horns to match.

Capcom dropped the new character out of nowhere, and community manager Andy Wong dropped into the PlayStation Blog to discuss the new character, and how Kage was released as a part of the celebration of crowning the champion of Capcom Cup 2018.

Kage is the pure embodiment of rage and energy, but unlike Evil Ryu he gets some brand new moves, such as the Ryusokyaku, which is an arcing axe kick, along with a similar move to Akuma called the Shun Goku Satsu.

You can see what the character is like in the trailer below.

It’s interesting because a lot of his moves seem like they move the way fire arcs when it leaps and sprays across the air. I suppose it makes sense given his personality traits.

His special maneuvers also all look pretty tight. But it’s a shame that it’s still another variation of Ryu. I imagine he’ll likely be fairly popular within the last remnants of the FGC who still play Street Fighter V.

The update also features changes to five of the other characters, including F.A.N.G., Vega, Chun-Li, Abigail, and M. Bison, all of whom have received new moves to improve their playstyle.

If you’re interested in picking up Kage, you can do so for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money for PC or PS4.

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