Kingdom’s Netflix Trailer Reveals South-Korean Period-Piece About Zombie Uprising
Kingdom 2019

Netflix is converged. We all know this. However, sometimes Netflix produces some pretty awesome material, and while we can acknowledge their convergence, we can also recognize when they make really cool stuff, and Kingdom is a really cool project.

The upcoming series, Kingdom is a horror-period piece set in ancient Korea. It’s set to go live on Netflix on January 25th, 2019 next month. It’s written by Kim Eun-hee, the same mind behind Signal and directed by the same mind behind Tunnel, Kim Seong-hun. It should come as no surprise that the title of the series is also based on a two-syllable word.

It centers around a corrupt ruler who kills indiscriminately and buries the bodies wherever he pleases, in lacks, in fields, and in forests. However, some of the bodies start coming back.

You can check out the unique new trailer for Kingdom below.

A lot of commenters joked that it was like Train to Busan for ancient times. They’re not entirely wrong, but the pace and setup for this is a heck of a lot different than Train to Busan. Mostly because it’s not a typical flesh-feast series. There seems to be a lot of thought put into the setup of the “monsters” rather than just the monsters attacking. In fact, the trailer avoids ever actually showing the monsters outright, which is again a true testament to the marketers working right proper with the material and doing right by the creators not to spoil the project with a lazily and hastily thrown together trailer.

It’s a shame that Netflix adopts culturally Communistic ideologies and allows its creators to inject that into their work, even to the detriment of the art itself, as evident with the race-swapping the characters in the upcoming series based on The Witcher.

We live in sad times where a lot of potentially good material is being gate-kept by sociopolitical activists who control all the major tech firms. Nevertheless, it appears every once in a while something interesting bubbles up out of the tar pit and makes its way to the surface, and Kingdom looks like it could be one of those gems.


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