Pamali: Indonesian Foklore Horror’s First Episode Launches Dec 28th On Steam

StoryTale Studios and Maple Whispering Co., announced that Pamali: Indonesian Foklore Horror is set to release on Steam starting December 28th. In just two day’s time the first-person horror game will be available over on the Steam store for just $4.99.

As the name suggests, the game is set in Indonesia and centers around Indonesian folklore. You’ll need to make your way through haunted environments, examining objects, scouring dark hallways and poorly lit corridors, as you’ll need to avoid becoming a victim of cultural taboos.

In Pamali players take on the role of a young lad named Jaka, who ends up returning to his hometown to sell his old family house. However, during the packing process while cleaning out the old house, he begins to learn that he’s not alone in the creepy dwelling, and things begin to get eerie, real fast for Jaka.

As you can see, this is a first-person horror game designed around the model that became popularized with P.T. Demo. You’ll be able to freely explore the house, look at objects, and attempt to progress the story through environmental interaction. Typically we call these walking simulators since you don’t have much to do in terms of interactivity and it’s more about the experience rather than the mechanics that drive the interest in the project.

Depending on how the game handles the subject matter and the environment depends on how well players immerse themselves into the game’s world. Bloober Team has become renown for having walking sim-type experiences that resonate strongly with gamers due to the atmosphere and story, which is why games like Layers of Fear became a cult sensation when it launched back in 2016.

Pamali, however, will feature multiple endings based on the choices you make throughout the game. There will be a total of four different tales to experiece. The initial tale, “The White Lady”, will be available first and the other three will launch as DLC at a latter date, featuring their own settings, story and horror. It’s like a horror anthology, similar to Supermassive’s The Dark Pictures Horror Anthology for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

You can learn more about Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror by visiting the Steam store page. The first episode for the game is set to release on December 28th.


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