Pewdiepie’s YouTube Rewind 2018 Video Is Already More Liked Than YouTube’s Rewind Video
YouTube Rewind

YouTube may be a multi-billion dollar arm attached to Google, but it’s practically being run like a typical out-of-touch corporate entity strung together by the whims of a ideologically driven marketing team and content managers who are more concerned about who to censor than what content is actually driving revenue for the platform. But don’t worry, there are a few saviors of YouTube trying desperately to keep you watching content and giving thumbs up for the videos that haven’t been tainted by the perverted tongue of corporatism. One such lone warrior is none other than PewDiePie, and he managed to save the last week of December by uploading the true YouTube Rewind 2018 video to recap the year.

It’s only five and a half minutes long, but it’s filled to the brim with the memes that made the year iconic, where you loved or hated them, including suicide forest starring Logan Paul, and that video of that fake-faced thot talking about playing Tracer or Widowmaker. You can check out the video below.

I can’t really go over and critique it because I’m not a connoisseur of memes, but given the fact that a whole bunch of people have upvoted it, it’s safe to say that a lot of people love PewDiePie’s take on that abysmal YouTube Rewind 2018 video that YouTube uploaded back on December 6th.

In fact, the like to dislike ratio speaks volumes when comparing the two videos. While PewDiePie’s video isn’t listed as trending (obviously because he’s on YouTube’s naughty list) he’s already garnered more likes than YouTube could ever hope to accomplish with their gaping-wide content hole filled with corporate autism.

It’s a pretty huge disconnect between how people view the current YouTube Rewind 2018 video, which is a mess from start to finish, and spends about half its time trying to virtue signal with the cringe-worthy Social Justice Warrior crap that every single normal person absolutely does not care about. And yes, that’s true. The only people who are about that nonsense are Liberals in Portland, Oregon or San Francisco, California because their parents paid for them to live a good life and now they feel guilty about it and instead of getting an honest job and working hard they feel they have to shame everyone else while blogging about it using the rhetoric they picked up in their gender studies course at college under a Communist professor with a sickle and hammer tattoo he got while doing his thesis titled: “How Proletariats Need To Worship at the Filthy Feet of Karl Marx”.

Anyway, PewDiePie’s rewind seems to be a heck of a lot better than YouTube’s rewind, judging by the comments, and the like/dislike ratio. It’s a shame he didn’t drag the media through the mud for dragging him through the mud, as reported by… oh wait, no honest media outlets reportedly honestly on it anyway, so forget I brought it up.

So what did you think of it? Was it meme-filled enough or did it need to drop a few more red-pills to really bring 2018 home to roost?


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