Star Control: Origins – Earth Rising Expansion Starts A Brand New Journey On December 11th
Star Control Origins

Stardock Entertainment has a four part expansion pack series set to launch starting December 11th, with the first part in the Earth Rising season pass expansion called Aftermath going live next week. The expansion series will be free for all of those who purchased the season pass for Star Control: Origins, but it will also be available in the Earth Rising bundle for $19.99.

The first part of the expansion will center around players discovering that some of the aliens stretching across the galactic corners of the universe are not entirely happy with humans expanding their empire. This results in some of them being rather vile in their response to humans making contact with them, forcing players to have to adapt, evolve, and fight back with something fierce.


The Star Control: Origins – Aftermath content will come with all new content for gamers who have already completed the base game. This adds all new ships to acquire, all new side-quests to complete, and all new alien species to interact with. You can attempt to either exercise some diplomacy or whip out the big guns and show ’em how things are done when an American is at the trigger of aggressive negotiations.

And speaking of Americans… the Social Justice Agitators who have been cooking up storms all over the place have actually targeted Stardock recently in one of the most asinine protests from the social terrorists yet, as outlined in the video from Hype Break.

Basically, the SJWs put Stardock in their crosshairs since Humble Bundle was raising money to help with relief from the California wildfires. They got angry that Stardock’s games were featured in the bundle pack, and were actually actively fighting against it. How bizarre is that? They would rather spite the people suffering from the California wildfires than help put money into a Humble Bundle charity case due to the fact that they hate the owner of Stardock that much. This is all because he isn’t a sniveling, soy-guzzling, pronoun-addicted laity of latte.

Anyway, one could write a whole book about the SJWs versus Stardock Entertainment at this point, but if you were interested in the new expansion pack, you can look for it to drop on December 11th for PC. For more information feel free to hit up the official Star Control website.


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