Star Control: Origins Free DLC Adds A Dozen New Ships December 6th
Star Control Origins Free DLC

Stardock Entertainment announced that everybody out there looking for more content to get out of Star Control: Origins will be able to do so starting December 6th. The DLC is titled Reinforcements and it adds a dozen new ships to pilot in the combat mini-game’s Fleet Battles.

The Fleet Battles mini-game is designed around allowing players to assemble their own custom fleet of ships, this includes a wide range of different ships that you can add to your fleet stash all in an attempt to battle against the enemy and their fleet.

You can get an idea of what the Fleet Battles are like with the video below from YouTuber Drengin, who gives you a brief look at how you can evasively maneuver around and battle against foes using a wide variety of different ship in the game. This video, however, does not feature the 12 new ships being added to the game.

As showcased in the video, the battles are actually 1-on-1 fights where you choose which ships will be part of your fleet and then you select which of those ships will face off against the enemy.

Obviously different ships have different strengths and weaknesses, and it’s a bit of a tactical ploy to find the best line-up to thwart your opponent, almost like picking teams in the King of Fighters. After a ship is destroyed players are able to select the next ship for the battle, but their opponent doesn’t know the ship that is being selected next. So there’s an obvious guessing game involved on how to setup your team and which ships you’ll want to have in rotation during the fight.

With the free DLC you’ll be able to further confound your opponents by being able to select from 12 additional ships in your fleet rotation.

You can learn more about the new DLC pack that will be available for free starting December 6th, by visiting the official Star Control website.


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