Valfaris, Heavy Metal 2D Side-Scroller Gets A Limited Time Demo
Valfaris Demo

Digital Uppercut announced that Valfaris currently has a free demo available right now that you can download for free now up through December 31st. You can download the demo right now from the Steam store page.

Steel Mantis’ hand-painted, pixelated side-scrolling shooter is a throwback to classic 16-bit games. It’s a hardcore, masculine action game with a testosterone-driven hero named Theron who returns to his planet to find it overtaken by evil monsters, biomutants, cyborgs, and extra-dimensional abominations. Equipped with a bad attitude, hatred in his hands, and a big gun looking to evaporate evil, Theron sets out on a journey of blood and vengeance to free Valfaris from the grip of evil.

Players will have to battle through hordes of vicious enemies using a variety of devastating weapons. You’ll experience lots of blood, gore, and explosions along the way.

The game plays out a lot like the classic Sega 32X game, Doom Troopers, just bigger, badder, and with a really awesome heavy metal soundtrack.

You can check out the game in action with thhe gameplay video below from Smash Gaming Frazz.

As you can see, the game is hard as nails. It doesn’t give gamers an inch, and you have to fight hard, fight smart, and watch your back at all times.

The platforming is similar to the classic Excalibur 20XX, where you’ll move vertically and horizontally through the levels.

The game also combines the awesome art-styles of techno-dystopias with future-hell elements. It’s totally awesome and looks like a cross between DOOM and Terminator. The weapons also pack a meaty punch when you use them and the music from Curt Victor Bryant is on point.

Now if you think the game is totally rad, you can check out the free demo of Valfaris right now by heading on over to the Steam store page. The demo is only available for a limited time so act fast.


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