YouTube Rewind 2018 Gets Downvoted Into Infamy For Being Pro-Corporate Circlejerk
YouTube Rewind 2018

YouTube is an anti-user, censorship-happy, anti-creative, pro-corporate circlejerk. That’s how the company presents itself to the public; a monolithic entity that snuffs out wrongthink and punishes anyone who doesn’t adhere to the safe-space absurdity that they’ve cultivated out of their Silicon Valley-based echo-chamber. It should come as no surprise that YouTube’s Rewind 2018 compilation video was downvoted into infamy as the most hated video on YouTube for being nothing more than everything I just mentioned above.

The eight minute video starts with a representative of everything wrong with YouTube right now: Will Smith.

The Hollywood-manufactured heavyweight sets the stage for one of the most embarrassing, unlikable, disgusting displays of forced diversity, unrecognizable faces, cheesy backdrops, senseless gags, pointless memes, and all of the flavorful trappings of the very corporate-tattooed cringe that every single normal person around the world has come to hate, save for the 2 million fools probably subscribed to Ninja who upvoted the video unconsciously out of an undying pledge of allegiance to the neon-colored barf that that Blevins kid calls “hair”.

But I could rant all day about the visual collage of junk you’re going to waste your life watching below, so I’ll just leave you to it.

And now for the moment of truth… the voting ratio.

The comments were on full force… all 1 million of them.

Speaking of PewDiePie… he managed to destroy YouTube Rewind 2018 within the span of just 14 minutes, and everyone loved him for it.

Look at that ratio bar… look at it. It’s like the complete opposite of a big, smelly, red oblong object.

I’m almost willing to bet that there are plenty of Social Justice Warrior websites out there praising YouTube Rewind 2018 for being “diverse” and “empowering” and all of those other pro-corporate buzzwords that YouTube dropped during that eight minute infomercial for brain cancer. I’m afraid to go searching on Google to see because contracting brain cancer just to be proven right isn’t my idea of winning.

For any and everyone who is not a pozzed NPC, it looks like you did right by downvoting the video and making it one of the most hated videos of all time. I guess, you can also spare an extra downvote if you haven’t already for all of the YouTube channels that were terminated this year, along with all of the channels that were unpersoned and added to the limited state section of YouTube where politically incorrect information goes to die.

Anyway, the next time you’re feeling down, feeling depressed, feeling owned, or feeling unloved, just know that you never appeared in the most downvoted video in YouTube history, dancing unrhythmically to lame music in a suicide forest while cringe-worthy clips of hipsters pepper-spray your senses with the most nonsensical pop-cultural poop that helps your brain develop a seething self-hatred for having giving up some synapses to process that degenerate filth.

Now go clean your room and play some video games.


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