Alien: Blackout Trailers Get Downvoted For Being A Mobile Five Nights At Freddy’s Clone
Alien Blackout

Well, it looks like we found out what the “Play” portion of “Read. Play. Watch.” stands for. FoxNext Games announced that Theory, D3 and Rival Games will be working on Alien: Blackout for… mobile devices. Yes, the sequel to Alien: Isolation will be a mobile horror game set to launch on January 24th, as revealed in the news rolled out earlier today. But thankfully gamers aren’t sitting by idly to accept this tragic turn of events with idle thumbs.

The game was announced with a 38 second teaser trailer featuring a look at the gameplay. It’s literally a rip-off of Scott Cawthorn’s Five Nights At Freddy’s games, where players cycle through different areas of the ship while constantly bouncing back and forth looking at the camera feeds and trying to complete the task at hand. You can check out the quick gameplay snippet below, courtesy of Game Clips And Tips.

You can probably guess what the likes/dislike ratio is like, but if you would rather not waste your cognitive juices on something so trivial, there’s an image below.

The ratio over on the IGN trailer was slightly less hateful, but that’s because IGN users are mostly casual, so it’ll take a lot longer for them to get red-pilled to reality.

The French were even more blue-pilled than IGN, giving the trailer ratio a hearty thumbs up.

But that good will didn’t last for long.

GamersPrey’s trailer was more in line with what the average hardcore gamer thinks of mobile gaming, with the downvotes practically graying out the entire bar.

Of course, the comments on most of the trailers aren’t anymore accepting of the game than the like/dislike ratio.

A lot of jokes from the Diablo: Immortal fiasco were recycled for Fox’s upcoming horror game for mobile devices.

Fox completely misjudged the market much in the same way Blizzard did by hyping up and advertising a casual game for hardcore audiences.

It’s amazing that game companies still don’t recognize that hardcore gamers don’t play games on phones as a serious pastime. The people asking for an Alien: Isolation sequel were hoping for a real game that could be played on a real gaming device.

Mobile phones aren’t real gaming devices, regardless of what game journalists say.

And remember, some journalists can’t even complete game tutorials.

Anyway, Alien: Blackout is not the game I thought it would be, but I’m also not surprised.

Fox thinking that they’re going to make a quick buck by whoring out the Alien franchise for the mobile crowd might come back to bite them hard.

If you’re willing to give the Five Nights At Freddy’s re-skin as an Alien game, you can do so starting January 24th.

(Thanks for the news tip Doctor Dementor)


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