Beholder 2 Cheats Give You Access To Infinite Money, Reputation, Time
Beholder 2 Cheats

The dystopian, political thriller, Beholder 2, has been receiving a lot of positive feedback and reviews from actual gamers, so you know that it’s good. If the game has been giving you some problems with advancing through to the end, there are some cheat trainers available that can help you out a bit.

First up, there’s a free Beholder 2 cheat trainer that you can download from over on the Mr. Antifun page.

The trainer contains just three options:

  • Infinite Time
  • Infinite Money
  • Infinite Authority

In order to use the cheats you first have to load up an instance of the game world, and then move a couple of steps. Proceed to open the trainer and activate any of the aforementioned cheats.

In order to see the effects of the infinite money, you first have to buy an item from the store. Additionally, in order for the authority and time cheats to go into effect, you have to gain or lose time or authority.

There’s a second cheat trainer available, but it’s a premium trainer. You can download the Beholder 2 cheat trainer from Cheat Happens.

  • Set/Reset Clock Seconds
  • Set/Reset Reputation
  • Set/Reset Money

It’s basically the same cheats as the one from Mr. Antifun.

As for Beholder 2, the game is basically a look at how terrifying a Communist nation state is when it’s ruled with the iron fist of a totalitarian plutocracy.

Players start off as a prospective trying to work his way up the ranks of the State party, while having to rat out others who may not bee 100% committed to the national agenda, or those who break the ever-tightening laws that govern the nation.

The game’s theme of governmental overreach, societal terror squads operated by the government, and a lack of any sort of privacy for the sake of security, is pretty much a huge warning sign against giving any government the power to subvert public trust and freedoms for the sake of security and comfort.

You can learn more about Beholder 2 or pick up a digital copy of the game from the Steam store for $14.99.


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