Crackdown 3 Reportedly Dropped 4 Player Co-op In Single-Player Campaign

News surrounding Crackdown 3’s co-op has surfaced before its release, which is due February 15th, 2019. This information comes from another publication website that had the opportunity to go hands-on with Crackdown 3 thanks to Microsoft.

Yes, the game that has been delayed multiple times, tallying up over three times, will release next month for PC via the Windows 10 Store and the Xbox One family of consoles. Ahead of its release, though, comes information from a pair of GamesRadar articles that explain how Microsoft allowed them to play Sumo Digital and Ruffian Games’ Crackdown 3.

The second piece doesn’t offer that much important info on the game, unlike the first piece, which explains how Crackdown 3 takes place in a brand new city, New Providence. Here players will tackle the corporate empire Terra Nova by fighting their way through three captains, a plethora of lieutenants and a list of thugs to get close to its leader — Elizabeth Neemand.

I’m sure the above campaign info sounds like it would be nice to try with three other players, right? However, that’s not a thing anymore. The publication site explains with their hands-on time the following:

“While it was originally reported that Crackdown 3 would feature four-player co-op support in its single-player campaign, this has been revised. The game will now support two-player co-op. The reason for this, we were told by Microsoft, is that the fantasy of Crackdown is to feel like you are ‘the most powerful person in the world’ and that the more players it pumped into the experience the more diluted that power fantasy became. Instead, the co-op count has been reduced to two and the game has been heavily optimised with that in mind.”

On the other side, the publication site reported that the game’s open world is accessible right from the start with no boundaries or restrictions:

“Not only is New Providence huge, we can also confirm that this gigantic, futuristic sandbox is completely open from the start.”

The above information is followed up by this info:

“You will encounter no load times. Crackdown 3 is all about player freedom, giving you the space to explore, hunt Orbs and tackle the gangs as you see fit without any heavy-handed interference from the studio. If you want to follow the story, follow the story. If you want to go off and cause some chaos, then you go and cause that chaos.”

And lastly, four days ago a user on Twitter wanted to know from Senior Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, Joseph Staten, if fans and gamers alike can expect any new footage of Crackdown 3 anytime soon.

To summarize everything, the game will no longer have four-player campaign co-op, which has been reduced down to two players. The open world can be explored right from the start without load times. Additionally, the official team is “cooking” up something for Crackdown 3 and they suggested for fans to “stay tuned!”

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