Devil May Cry 5 New Demo Coming Feb 7th For Xbox One, PS4
Devil May Cry 5

Capcom rolled out a free Devil May Cry 5 demo for the Xbox One recently, which was around 15 through 20 minutes long depending on your skill level. The demo has been pulled, though, but Capcom has assured fans that a new demo is on the way for both Xbox One and PS4 gamers.

In a tweet posted on January 7th, 2019, the official Devil May Cry Twitter account informed the audience that starting February 7th you’ll be able to get your hands on a free demo of Devil May Cry 5.

The original demo featured Nero running through a blown up city occupied by a troop of demons.

Players were introduced to the basic control scheme, the combat mechanics, and a little bit of the platforming in the Xbox One demo.

At the end of the demo there was a boss fight against a rather large foe. The demo allowed you to get an idea of how the environment plays a role in the fights, how the dodge and combo mechanics work, as well as giving gamers a pretty good idea of how the interactive music system is setup.

Basically, the game has an original soundtrack, but it’s kind of cool because as you rank up, the music begins to change. Now, no matter where you are or what track is playing, once you hit the S rank or higher, the official Devil May Cry 5 theme song called “Devil Trigger” begins to play in a seamless fashion. It’s actually pretty cool and you can see (and hear) how it works with the video below from YouTuber donguri990.

We don’t know what the new demo will be like or if it will feature any of the existing features from the current demo, but I would probably almost be willing to bet that it will feature Dante as a playable character.

As mentioned, you can look to grab the demo from the Xbox Store or the PlayStation Store starting February 7th next month.


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